We are all attached to the news, and we rely on the news to give us information — but information is not all we get. The news constructs our worldview.

This makes news one of the most powerful mediums available. This also makes it one of the most polarizing forces.

Halcyon Media seeks to deliver news through a different paradigm in order to break through the current information structures, and create a worldview that not only connects people together, but does so through a moral lens.

The Problem

News agencies have been built under a conformity mindset, which is to say, “our job is to deliver information.” Many mediums — paper, radio, television, websites, and social media — have facilitated the information exchange, but the model continues to be the same.

The problem is that this assumption fails to understand where the “digital age” is going. The internet, and its accompanying communities, are built to facilitate connection — not journalism, and this connection chose opinion and entertainment over facts. This is why, in the fight for pageviews, Buzzfeed, not the New York Times, earned the click.

This has created a news system that is a vacuum of pundits, one-sided information, and soulless statistics that fuel our society’s polarization.

Our Vision

Halcyon’s vision — to change the world one story at a time — is built on learning from the mistakes of the traditional model to build something new; turning away from conformity to create something original. Instead of seeing journalism as just information delivery, Halcyon sees each news article as part of a much larger story; a narrative that tells us who we are and where we are going. Information is not just a piece of disparate content; rather a story arc for the world’s narrative, and it is through this narrative that Halcyon can guide users and facilitate substantial cultural change.

Halcyon Media is strategic project of The Halcyon Movement