Alliance Defending Freedom calls on U.N. to investigate religious freedom violations in the West

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Source: Christian Times

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has asked the U.N. to investigate religious freedom violations in the West, as a U.N. report on religious freedom failed to recognize existing violations. Rubén Navarro, Senior UN Counsel for ADF International, stated that “We see a massive curtailing of fundamental liberties in the West. While religious oppression may be fiercer in other regions of the world, we must not turn a blind eye to the developments in the US, Europe, or Australia.” Many, according to Navarro, have been silenced or forced out of the public square due to their faith. Navarro added that “We have seen many cases of bakers, florists, photographers, or venue providers, who have simply exercised their right to religious freedom. They have refused facilitating or promoting such concepts as same-sex unions or other ideas that stand in stark contrast to their faith.”

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  1. Didn’t England, a supposedly democratic nation, make public preaching (of the Gospel) a crime, because they say it incites riots??? Here, in California, more specifically, the SF BAY AREA, we are being slowly and systematI cally silenced not by law but societies’ pressures. And Christians, especially, are allowing it to happen. So sad.

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