America needs to take religious freedom more seriously

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Source: Charisma News

Admittedly I am not familiar with Charisma News, but they seem to get some right and some wrong here. First, as Charisma News states, “federal law doesn’t define ‘religious persecution’ as it applies to the Immigration and Nationality Act. Now, several of those groups are asking the Supreme Court to take up the case of Xue Ting, a Chinese Christian who has sought asylum in America.” Moreover, according to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, if a person is under threat of punishment or death for practicing their faith, but they can do so in hiding they cannot get asylum from the United States.

This is CRAZY talk.

We need to do more to protect religious freedom abroad. Charisma News also states that “when it comes to American Christians whose religious liberty may be infringed upon, the U.S. Constitution, First Amendment and civil rights laws clearly define what constitutes religious persecution.” This too is CRAZY talk. The current state of things leaves much to desire in regards to religious freedom — just ask the florist that could lose her business for following her faith, or the baker that can’t live out his faith, or the nuns that were required to offer birth control (until recently).

The truth is, while America has freedoms not available anywhere else, America still has a lot to learn when it comes to religious freedom.

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  1. I support our “religious freedoms” given in Our Constitution and “God abhors the shedding of innocent blood”; as do I. I believe we should defund Planned Parenthood, who tries to mask giving women “female procedures to aid their health, when if you call them, most don’t have mammogram machines, offer pap test screenings for cancer, but will direct you to having “an abortion with no other options offered”! This is immoral and Must be stopped. Plus they also sell “fetal baby parts for profit”! We as Christians need to Stand For What We Believe; lest we fall for anything!!

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