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If one life has value, then don’t all?

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Source: Halcyon Exclusive We hear a lot of talk about equality. We want equal rights, equal pay, equal recognition under the law, etc. Buzzword aside, equality is a good thing. But the reality is that our society is not looking for equality at all, and instead focus our efforts on “rights” instead of doing the right thing. One good example …

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For Christians, only one identity matters

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Source: Halcyon Exclusive If our Christian identity is paramount to who we are, then what happens when we are told that we can no longer live according to our faith? It is the quintessential attack on us as a people. There are many — even other Christians — who tell us that our religious freedom is not being threatened. The …

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According to new online policing tool: Christian beliefs are ‘toxic’

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Halcyon Exclusive Google recently created a tool that monitors online conversations and identifies what it calls “toxic” comments. The future purpose of the tool is to weed out mean-spirited comments and bullies from the online conversation in order to have a more respectful discussion. Look, if a tool like this works, then I am all for it. Christians, especially, can …

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France has no respect for the dignity and value of human life

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Halcyon Exclusive “So, hearing that France banned an ad with children and adults that have down syndrome at the off chance it offended someone who aborted their child with a disability was infuriating. First, ending the life of any child is a horrible social ill that plagues our world; creating the greatest holocaust our world has ever seen (nearly 60 …