Clickhole makes fun of right-wing blogs

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Source: The Verge

Clickhole, a parody media site owned by The Onion, has changed its name to PatriotHole. The new change is made to parody “sensationalist conservative ‘news’ sites and conspiracy blogs like Breitbart, Infowars, LifeZette, or The Blaze.” Now, I love parody sites, and I am sure there will be a lot of funny stuff (especially with a parent brand like The Onion), but I was alarmed (and offended) when I read the mission statement that pops up when you visit the site:

“You are either on our side or you are the tyrant. You are also enslaved. Some of you may also be stuck in some sort of quicksand. If God hadn’t accidentally burned His hands off in that vat of acid, He would click on PatriotHole a billion times per second. So do His work, and America’s work, and explore the red-blooded truth. Your unborn, non-aborted children will scream ‘thank you’ across the ages.”

Not funny.

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