College students have lost the ability to have a civil debate

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Source: New York Times

The author sets out a story explaining how college students interrupted an interview with Charles Murray, who conservative students invited for a discussion. I am not familiar with Mr. Murray, but the author points out that he is less-than-reputable. The point, however, is not the quality or character of the speaker, but the child-like reaction of the school’s liberal students. Moreover, and I think this is the most solid point, schools are not preparing students to have a debate on ideas they don’t agree with, and instead are creating children that only know how to kick and scream when someone doesn’t agree with them.

This is, in fact, a perfect example of public debate online as well.

The author uses a quote from commentor Van Jones, Democrat and liberal, and I also think this comment is worth repeating to students:

“I don’t want you to be safe, ideologically. I don’t want you to be safe, emotionally. I want you to be strong. That’s different. I’m not going to pave the jungle for you. Put on some boots, and learn how to deal with adversity. You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless, but obnoxious and dangerous. I want you to be offended every single day on this campus. I want you to be deeply aggrieved and offended and upset, and then to learn how to speak back. Because that is what we need from you.”

Today’s liberalism is useless, obnoxious, and dangerous. So, are quite a few conservatives for that matter.

All of us, not just college students, have to learn how to be informed and articulate our point without freaking out or acting angrily.

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