Democrats are debating if pro-life leaders can remain a part of the party

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Source: The Huffington Post

First, this article is from The Huffington Post, so we know its pro-abortion. One interesting concept to note: If you read between the lines, it would seem that pro-abortion leaders are starting to get scared.

Now, I could care less what party a leader is affiliated with — all life has value, whether that life is born or not. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see Democratic leaders arguing if a person that is pro-life can remain a Democrat. A few years ago and it might have not even been a matter of debate, but now . . .

The issue came about when the Democratic National Committee endorsed a pro-life Democrat for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. Some Democrat leaders came unglued at the idea, but other leaders admit that in order to win they have to support leaders with a pro-life position. Bernie Sanders is one such leader, stating that while he has a 100% pro-abortion voting record, “if we are going to become a 50-state party, if you’re going to go to Omaha, Nebraska, which has a Republican governor, two Republican senators, all Republican Congress people, Republican legislature, you know what? . . . We want this guy to become our next mayor, should I reject going there to Omaha? I don’t think so.”

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  1. Good for Bernie, this shows he is truly open minded. We need to include all to win back our presidency and congress.

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