Does Trump’s religious order do much to protect religious freedom?

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Source: The Hill

President Trump recently signed an executive order that is intended to, according to The Hill, “‘destroy’ the Johnson Amendment, a federal tax law that prohibits non-profit organizations from, among other things, endorsing or opposing political candidates. Religious-right activists have long criticized this law as infringing their speech.” But not everyone thinks the order does all that much.

The Hill asserts the order is vague and doesn’t accomplish the President’s promises.

In another article, The Stream asserts “Professor and legal expert Mark Movsesian called the order’s protections ‘awfully vague.’ ADF attorney Gregory Baylor said it left Trump’s promises ‘unfulfilled.’ The Stream’s John Zmirak argued the order was a ‘baby step in the right direction,’ but that stronger protections are needed from Congress.”

Even the ACLU seems to think the order doesn’t do much, stating, “We thought we’d have to sue Trump today. But it turned out the order signing was an elaborate photo-op with no discernible policy outcome.”

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