France has no respect for the dignity and value of human life

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Halcyon Exclusive

“So, hearing that France banned an ad with children and adults that have down syndrome at the off chance it offended someone who aborted their child with a disability was infuriating.

First, ending the life of any child is a horrible social ill that plagues our world; creating the greatest holocaust our world has ever seen (nearly 60 million children have been killed since 1970), but specifically selecting to kill a child with a disability adds a special sense of distortion to the act. The video, which was put out for World Down Syndrome Day, is titled Dear Future Mom, and features children and adults with down syndrome that explain how good their lives are and what amazing things they can do. This positive video deserves to be seen, but France believes that abortion is more important than the truth that these beautiful human beings, who also happen to have a disability, live productive and joyful lives. They are an inspiration, and that is what a pro-abortion France is most afraid of.”

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