Freedom of Religion versus Freedom from Discrimination: the most important debate in America

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Source: NPR

This article is actually pretty fair. It looks at all sides of the debate, give equal time, and even dives into some of the nuanced concepts of the complex crisis. The issue, in my mind, will shape the future of America. One pastor is quoted as saying,

“I’m not worried about my religious freedom. I get up and go to church on Sunday morning, ain’t nobody stopping me. My freedom to worship is protected in this country, and that’s not going to get taken away. I have been in places where that’s been infringed. That’s not what we’re talking about.”

(Please, please don’t listen to this guy.)

As the author of the article points out: we are not asking for the “freedom to worship.” We are demanding the RIGHT to freely live out and express our Christian faith. Freedom to worship and the freedom to exercise our faith are substantially different things.

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