Ivanka and Cecile Richards meet (newsflash: Richards won’t bend on abortion)

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Source: National Review

There have been reports of a meeting between Ivanka Trump and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, but now there is clarity as to what was discussed: Women’s rights. Not surprising, and what is also not surprising is Richards’ deep conviction that women’s rights and abortion are synonymous. In fact, Trump asked Richards to separate Planned Parenthood into two businesses — one for women’s health and the other for abortion. Richards, of course, refused. What Trump was trying to do was help Planned Parenthood maintain federal funding for their work in women’s health, but the reality is this: abortion is a lucrative business for Planned Parenthood and they won’t give it up. Halcyon actually commented about this months ago here. Our statement is that “The Trump administration offered Planned Parenthood an increase in federal funding if they stopped performing abortions. Planned Parenthood could reach more women by offering better, federally funded healthcare, but instead they opt to abort innocent children. Planned Parenthood is NOT in the healthcare business. They are in the abortion business.

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