Judge in Texas blocks defunding of Planned Parenthood

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Source: NBC

A federal judge stopped the State of Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood, holding that “rather than a villain plotting to take over the world, the subject of this case is the State of Texas’s efforts to expel a group of healthcare providers from a social health care program for families and individuals with limited resources.” The issue is, of course, that the “healthcare” provider is one of America’s largest abortion providers — committing hundreds of thousands of abortion per year.

The Texas Attorney General has vowed to appeal, and states that “no taxpayer in Texas should have to subsidize this repugnant and illegal conduct. We should never lose sight of the fact that, as long as abortion is legal in the United States, the potential for these types of horrors will continue.”

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/texas-judge-blocks-cutting-funds-planned-parenthood-sharp-rebuke-n723956


  1. Let’s keep a list of these liberal Federal judges for when the revolution starts!

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