Media Matters — An incredibly foolish “news” organization that basically exists to attack Alliance Defending Freedom

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Every day I scroll through curated news to find articles to report on. I use several different apps (News Pro, Google News, SmartNews, to name a few), and without fail there seems to be an article from Media Matters that is attacking Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF has done some amazing work to protect religious freedom, life, and the family. AMAZING WORK. They are also a team of gifted and kind people. And if you have ever met the former CEO, Alan Sears, then you know that he personifies integrity. Even those who oppose Alan and ADF will say as much . . . except for Media Matters. Why? Well, because they are extremists who pretend they have a reputable news site. (Protip: they don’t.)

Recently, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — a group that apparently “fights hate” and “teaches tolerance” (by attacking Christian principles, oddly enough) — has declared that ADF is a hate group. What gives SPLC the right to make such a claim? Nothing at all really. They just make it, and Media Matters wants all other news outlets to start adhering to SPLC’s meaningless claim, stating that:

“The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN and Reuters wire services all failed to label ADF as a hate group, instead misleadingly identifying the extremist group as merely a ‘conservative Christian’ organization and effectively erasing the context readers deserve.”

The reason these real news organizations don’t call ADF a hate group is because, even if they disagree, ADF’s work is real, substantial, reasoned, and professional (unlike the work of Media Matters).

So, the SPLC, a nonprofit, arbitrarily calls ADF a hate group. Well, I am the CEO of a nonprofit, so I suppose Halcyon can do the same. From this day forward:

SPLC and Media Matters are hate groups for their constant attack on Christian beliefs and the Christian community, especially including those individuals and organizations that protect and promote a Christian worldview.

There you have it. It’s official

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