Millennials prefer stay-at-home moms

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Source: The Washington Post

The news is thoroughly perplexed at the idea Millennials prefer stay-at-home moms, but in reality it is not too surprising. According to The Washington Post, “New research indicates that young millennials, who many assumed would be torchbearers for a more progressive approach to family life, actually take a more traditional view of family arrangements than Generation Xers and baby boomers when they were young adults.”

The Washington Post blames race and feminism, which might be true, I suppose. But if one were to look at other research on Millennials they will see that the home life is one where the generation has always taken a bit of a traditional stance. Millennials, more than any other generation, for instance, disapprove of single motherhood. Is this an attack on feminism? I don’t think so, and one quick look at Instagram might offer the reason why. Millennial parents are increasingly involved in their children’s lives. Moreover, research shows that Millennials have an incredibly strong bond with their parents, and they really value that relationship. Perhaps, after years of being beaten down by liberal ideologies of gender roles, Millennials have decided they just want what’s best for their kids — kids they actually want to build relationships with.

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