Netflix and Bill Nye are confused on the difference between boys and girls

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Source: The Washington Free Beacon

Bill Nye’s new Netflix show, oddly and humbly titled Bill Nye Saves The World, makes the claim that gender is a fluid concept that is dependent upon self-identification. However, in Bill Nye’s previous show, Bill Nye The Science Guy, there is a contradiction as Nye’s show states the following: “inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl, . . . there are only two possibilities: XX, a girl, or XY, a boy.”

This sort of revisionist science is more about being politically correct, than it is about real science. The scientific reality is there are, in fact, only two possibilities: a girl (XX) or a boy (XY). No matter how many Bill Nye shows are edited, or laws passed, or cases taken to the Supreme Court, or bathroom signs changed this will always be the reality.

Update: Netflix has stated that they did not edit a thing, so this is all on Bill Nye and Disney.

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