New healthcare bill still covers abortion?

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Source: Buzzfeed

While the new healthcare bill does “include a provision that prevents people from receiving tax credits for private insurance plans that cover abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the pregnant woman,” it still leaves the door open to “potentially allow people to use refundable tax credits to pay for abortion.”

The article points out, and insurance companies agree, that the language on abortion in the bill is confusing. Even the Family Research Council has voiced concern.

The article has some good facts, but it goes a bit overboard on making the point that the bill makes it very hard for women to get abortions except in certain circumstances.

But isn’t that the point?

It is time that we stop calling abortion healthcare and start calling it what it is: the unnecessary ending of an innocent life. Let’s pray the final bill expresses this reality.

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  1. The new healthcare bill should not have a loophole that allows for abortion at all!
    Abortion is killing an unborn baby no matter what language it is written in!
    Please change the bill to omit the allowance for abortion, if the mother doesn’t
    want the child due to irresponsibility they should give the child up for adoption!
    Killing is killing this practice should not be condoned by the law, those who allow
    this will be countable for an innocent life!

  2. We think that no abortion should be allowed. If their raped or if there is incest put the baby up for adoption. It’s not the babies fault they were conceived that way so don’t punish them punish the person that raped.

  3. I pray that this new bill does not pass if it still covers abortion. I thought President Trump was against abortion?

  4. Please President Trump we want no Tax payers monies used to pay for abortion. If someone wants an aboration they should use their own money.

  5. There has to be a complete halt to compromise….but we may be far from that at this point…..Ill give you this if you give me that!! Stop it!

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