Oregon official who denied Christian’s rights to freely live out their faith has lost election

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Source: CNN

Former Oregon Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian, became famous when he publically went after Christians whose faith kept them from using their art to represent ideas that were contrary to their beliefs — namely gay marriage. He took his publicity and ran for Secretary of State, but lost that election. Avakian’s campaign promised for more progressive values “like wage equality and reproductive freedoms,” which generally fits the Oregon demographic, but Avakian lost nevertheless. In fact, Avakian’s opponent, Dennis Richardson, is “the first Republican to win a statewide office in Oregon since 2002.”

The media really loved Avakian, but apparently people think going after Christians for living out their faith is not cool. #Justice

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  1. Draining the swamp even in liberal Oregon. The people there finally have stood up and removed bigots like this from office. Great news.

  2. Maybe everyone really does recognise injustice when they see it.

  3. Good riddance on this BIGOT! Freedom of religion TRUMPS lgbtqsf Everyday!!! May he repent or go far away into Oblivion!

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