Pro-abortion professor calls images of aborted children ‘child pornography’

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Source: The Blaze

David Sanders, an associate biology professor at Purdue, made several absurd claims during a debate at the university. First, he called God “the greatest abortionist,” then made claims that the Bible doesn’t call abortion murder (no, the Bible calls murder “murder,” and abortion fits within the category). Last, he stated that if a person believes that a fetus is a child (which it is), then showing images of aborted children is child pornography (which it is not).

Look, this guy, Sanders, is crazy . . . cuckoo . . . nuts.

It boggles my mind that someone would try to stretch the legitmacy of their argument this thin just to justify the innocent killing of an unborn child.

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  1. First off, how can it be child porn if as they state ‘ it is not a child/baby until it takes it’s first breath and 2) last time I looked the babies are wearing the latest pre-born fashion!

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