“Pro-choice” activist discusses why she is now pro-life

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Source: National Right To Life News

Catherine Adair, a woman who describes herself as “the most pro-choice feminist activist you’ve ever met,” is now pro-life and wants to share her story so that others understand that those who claim to advocate for women are not really doing so.

Why is she qualified to comment on this? She was coerced into an abortion at the age of 19, and even started working for Planned Parenthood in New England.

Adair explained that her experience working at Planned Parenthood drove her to address people that claim to be “pro-choice” in stating, “it’s very easy to be pro-choice when you don’t have to see the results of that choice. If you saw what I saw, if you knew what I knew, if you smelt the smell of an abortion clinic, you would, never, ever, call yourself pro-choice again.”

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