Religious freedom requires culture change

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Source: The Hill

This author attempts to paint Christians that act according to their faith as guilty of discrimination. The arguments for this indictment are, well, pretty poorly constructed. It is worth reading, however, since the arguments represent well the disjointed and unfair discrimination against Christians living a life of faith, since there are, of course, two-sides to every coin.

The author says that your side — you ability to act on your faith — isn’t valid.

“If we are complicit in the way that businesses act, then it falls upon us all to decide what we want to be complicit in. It falls upon us, in other words, to make distinctions between business practices that we as a society condone and those that we do not.”

This is a very accurate representation of how our culture operates. The moral view is a construct of the majority. But morals have nothing to do with how many people agree with them — morals are a construct of what is truly good, whether or not people agree. This is the fundamental difference between a Christian worldview and the worldview of our culture.

This is precisely the reason why culture change is necessary for religious freedom.

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