Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes some good points

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Source: Politico

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (not our favorite Supreme Court justice) makes some interesting points that we would actually agree with — although probably not in they way she would like. First, RBG says that we are not “experiencing the best of times,” and we would agree. Abortion exists, people are turning away from their faith at record numbers, and religious freedom is being threatened like never before in America. Next, RBG asserts that “we are not as mindful of what makes America great,” and this is also true. Patriotism, especially in younger generations, is at an all-time low, and more people agree with a separation from our Judeo-Christian roots, so, yes, we are not mindful of what made America great. Last, RBG wants Congress to be more bipartisan when confirming Supreme Court justices. Yep! Judge Gorsuch, President Trump’s nomination for the Court, has an excellent record that we think Congress should support with a confirmation.

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