Should men care about Planned Parenthood?

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Source: GQ

The author explains how Planned Parenthood helped him and his girlfriend get an abortion. If I am being honest, I did not want to post this news story; this is a person’s emotional journey and my intention is not to attack the author. I struggled — blank page in front of me — for about 10 minutes before deciding that posting this article is the right thing to do for several reasons. First, the author put the story out to the world asking men to support Planned Parenthood, and it is important for those that value life to also speak their mind, even when it is uncomfortable. Second, it seems that a man’s job in the “pro-choice” ideology is to say, as this man did, “whatever your choice I am good with it.” We should never be “good with” ending the life of an innocent child. The author’s take, I think, makes the point entirely:

“Not only did I question her decision, I questioned myself for not protesting. All of a sudden pro-choice didn’t feel noble; it felt like a weak move on my part. When we left the clinic that day, I can’t say I left inspired to be an ally for the organization. Again, politics were the last thing I wanted to think about. The only thing I left inspired to do was to never come back for an appointment again, and I never did.”

Last, contrary to the author’s endorsement of Planned Parenthood, men (nor women) should support Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, as the author claims, is “under siege,” not because it is this altruistic organization that is taking care of women, but because it lies, it kills children, and then profits from both.

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