Stars celebrate Planned Parenthood for its 100 years of destruction

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Source: USA Today

Celebrities (i.e. those that humbly take on the role as the moral compass of our society) joined Planned Parenthood in celebrating its 100 year history. While I was not at the event, I am pretty sure some things were left out of the celebration, so I will just add them here:

  • Planned Parenthood has a history of racism: Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, has written over and over again that a strong purpose of her work is sterilize and eradicate minorities. In a letter she once wrote that she didn’t “want the word to [get] out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” as she believed birth control would “lead to a cleaner race.” Moreover, 79% of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are within walking distance of minority communities.
  • Planned Parenthood has committed nearly 8 million abortions in its 100 year history. Put another way, Planned Parenthood commits over 35 abortions every single hour.
  • According to the FDA, Planned Parent’s use of the dangerous abortion drug RU-486 has led to over 2,200 health situations, which includes 14 deaths, over 330 cases of blood loss requiring transfusions, and 612 hospitalizations.
  • Planned Parenthood has routinely opposed reasonable measures on abortion — even measures that would protect women’s health and help to make an informed decision.

Last, I find it a bit offensive to celebrate 100 years of an organization that has kept 8 million children from celebrating even a single day.

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  1. I also find them and their purpose to be nothing but evil.

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