Supreme Court Justice Alito says there is a “cause for concern” regarding religious freedom

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Source: CNA Daily News

When the Supreme Court discusses religious freedom it is important to listen, so when Justice Alito asserts there is “cause for concern,” it perks my ears up. Alito states that religious freedom is “one of the most fundamental rights,” and the founders “saw a vital connection between religion and the character needed for republican self-government.” Alito goes on to assert “what the founders understood more than 200 years ago is just as true today.”

“There is cause for concern at the present time.”

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  1. I believe that the United States were founded as a Nation with justice and freedom for all. Religious freedoms is one of the greatest freedoms in a humans life. That means a right that is being denied to many human beings that are in their mother’s womb and have no way to defend themselves from death at the hand of their parents and abortion doctors. A Nation that was founded with the freedom to protect their religion cannot allow this right to be taken away. A Country without God cannot survive. God bless America 🙏💯🇺🇸

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