The pro-life movement has a major flaw

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Source: RedState

The public perception of the pro-life movement is that it is pro-birth, and often forgets about mothers, fathers, and children after the baby is born. While in Texas the past week meeting with various supporters and allies, I had two different conversations about the current state of the pro-life movement, and when I made this point the response was the same: “Well, that isn’t true.”

While it might not be true in practice, it is certainly true in perception. How do I know? Halcyon ran a study to determine what the number one problem people had with the pro-life movement, and their response? You guessed it: only pro-birth.

To remedy this Halcyon launched a resource for women in every stage of pregnancy: I’m pregnant, I am a teen and pregnant, I want to have an abortion, I had the child and now am struggling, and I had the child and need support. You can check you the page here: Women’s Care | The Halcyon Movement. We are working to make this page into an entire site built to connect women, men, and families to the help they need.

The most recent example in the media, and the subject of the article linked below, is a Christian school’s reaction to a pregnant student. While many pro-life groups have rallied in support of the student (including Halcyon), there is still the media sting of a pro-life movement that only cares for children to be born.

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  1. getting an abortion isn’t the only answer….what about abstentions or if you can’t control yourself get some Birth Control!!!!!!! Planned Parenthood provides that also. No excuse for all these unplanned pregnancies. Yes there are and always will be accidents. But people need to learn to CONTROL their sexual urges.

  2. Yes,I agree it’s become birth controll for irresponsible people.I so agree I love the idea of our tax dollars going to help many organizations that help families that find themselves in these situations.If abortion is medically advised it should be done in a hospital.

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