The ultimate endgame of Transgenderism and the Law

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Source: First Things

This article is written by one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Jeff Shafer — senior attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom. Shafer explains that transgenderism’s circular legal theory ultimately destroys the legal concept that it relies upon to make itself valid. Shafer explains:

“In order to do away with the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies, legal advocates for transgender ideology now brandish the federal ban on sex discrimination in Title IX—which itself depends on the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies. But banishing the sex binary concurrently banishes the (dependent) prohibition of sex discrimination. And that, in turn, leaves the transgender legal theory empty-handed, having eviscerated the structure on which its own claims rely.”

Our society is moving toward’s a “brave” new world, and, as Shafer points out, there are consequences for our decisions, and compassion — while important — must also match reason. “There is . . . a vital difference between our charitable concern and compassion for the exceptional individual who suffers from dysphoria, and the revolution of making that person’s confusion a reason to overthrow the universe in order that dysphoria itself cannot endure as a sensible category.”

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