This is a religious freedom case that REQUIRES Christians to act

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Source: Alliance Defending Freedom

Here’s the gist of the story: Barronelle Stutzman served a gay man in her flower store for years, but when asked if she could do the flowers for his wedding Barronelle politely declined stating that she simply could not use her artistic talents to support a gay marriage. Barronelle is a Christian, and her faith defines marriage solely as a man and a woman. Barronelle was sued by the Washington Attorney General, and recently she lost her case at the Washington Supreme Court — a loss that could cost Barronelle her home and business.

This is the religious freedom case that REQUIRES Christians to act, and stand with Barronelle!

I have actually met Barronelle and her husband on many occasions (she would send cookies to my old job about every single month!), and I can vouch for Barronelle’s kindness, the love in her heart for those she serves — including Rob, the gay man from the flower store, and her strong faith. She has one more appeal to the United States Supreme Court, so there is still time for the Christian community to rally and offer their support. PLEASE read her story and the link below, and support her case.

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You can support Barronelle’s legal case!

Alliance Defending Freedom is hard at work defending Barronelle’s religious freedom . . . and your freedom as well! Please give generously.


  1. You can’t say no to a gay couple to rent an apartment, which I agree with, why should anyone running a business be able to say no. I think the court is right in ruling against this bs of religious right. If you don’t serve everyone you need to sell your business.

  2. Interesting video. My opinion remains unchanged. The business owner’s actions were wrong.

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