Trump signs religious freedom order!

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Source: Reuters

Trump signed an executive order that protects churches from persecution by the IRS, and allows them to speak freely from the pulpit in regards to political activity. The order “also mandates regulatory relief to religious employers that object to contraception, such as Little Sisters of the Poor.”

This is a major win for religious freedom and freedom of speech!

Read more: Trump signs order to ease ban on political activity by churches | Reuters


  1. Thank You President Trump for this Order!
    IN GOD we Trust!!! Namely Jesus Christ!!!
    Peace of Christ Be With You!!! 🙂
    We pray for You daily!!! 🙂
    Know God is with You!!! 🙂
    may we keep listening to JESUS CHRIST our LORD And SAVIOR and Do What HE Asks in thought, word and deed!!! 🙂
    Happy And Holy Summer!!! 🙂
    Sincerely in Christ Jesus through Mother Mary And Saint Joseph!!! 🙂
    br ryan avery +++

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