Vice-President respects his wife, and Left calls it sexist

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Source: The Daily Wire

An article in the Washington Post makes fun of Vice-President Pence’s personal policies on how he handles situations regarding private meetings with women and drinking. Vice-President Pence does not meet privately with women, and doesn’t attend parties that serve alcohol without his wife. Apparently, the writer in the Washington Post does not appreciate the personal policies, stating that “this kind of thinking does point toward a pretty radically retrograde mindset on the part of its adherents, one that doesn’t respect women as humans with thoughts and skills to contribute but rather sees them primarily as sexual temptations.”

Um, I think the original writer of the article is missing the point. The Vice-President’s actions are not a response to the women around him; rather a pro-active way to protect his marriage. It is not the sexual temptation that motivates the Vice-President, but the deep respect he has for his wife and their marriage. This is just more proof that our society doesn’t understand morality and moral behavior.

The Daily Wire has a great article defending the Vice-President’s personal policies.

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  1. Wow, the people who have no clue is absolutely mind boggling. In this day and age of pettiness, slander, blackmail and more, it is an excellent thing that VP Pence is doing. I used to not have anyone in my hose of the opposite sex unless my husband was home or unless someone else was there.

    The Word of God says to abstain from all appearances of evil and that is exactly what he is doing. KUDOS to him. Now NO ONE can say he did things, tried things, spoke things that he didn’t try, do or say! The left is just upset that they can’t sully his reputation and marriage.

  2. This strategy on Vice President Pence’s part is the opposite of what Islam does to women, in dictating how women should behave and what they should wear, for the reasons that Pence was accused here, seeing women “primarily as sexual temptations”. The woman in Saudi Arabia for example who is forced to receive the barbaric punishment of 49 lashes in public for riding in a car with a male and being raped by an attacker who overpowered her male friend (whom she knew from college).

    Pence is instead disciplining HIMSELF to avoid any fault that would hurt his wife. This is what a true gentleman is. And just because the liberal left doesnt like conservatives is no excuse at all for their misinterpretation of his motives. The left can try to see some good in conservatives as some conservatives can to see some good in liberals…because we are none of us “the Great Satan”. Demonizing others makes you blind to the fact that you share the same flawed nature as they do, if not the same choices. And it blinds you to see that there is evil in some choices if they serve self over another, such as in abortion. Pence’s choices are to put his marriage, and wife, before himself. Thats the true litmus test of a good choice, IMHO.

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