Why people are having less sex, and how this is bad for society

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Source: The Verge

This news source trends on the liberal (maybe very liberal) side, but this article is really quite good. A new study shows that sex — in and out of marriage — is down. Studies have shown that married couples have a better, more satisfying sex life, but that seems to be in decline. According to the study, “married couples had sex an average of 56 times a year in 2014, down from 67 in 1989.”

Why is this happening? The article offers two reasons: (1) people over 30 are less happy; and (2) social media. Basically, people choose Netflix or Facebook over having sex. The author of the article quotes Mark Regnerus (an associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin who you should be reading and keeping up with, because he is awesome) as stating, “Look around you — people out to dinner often seem more interested in the box in front of them than in the person across from them. Of course sex will suffer under such circumstances.”

Moral of the story is this: put away your phone and go hang out with your husband or wife. You can thank me later.

For more from Mark Regnerus go here (and you should).

Read more: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/11/14881062/americans-sexual-activity-decline-study-happiness-internet-tv

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